My Weighty Story, Cooties & Wall-E Tails: It’s all wrapped up into one!

Day late, dollar short. That’s what we always say right?

Well since my MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT on Sunday, I was resting, walking, and recovering. Really the only thing that was sore was the top of my thighs just below my hip bones. I of course had a little soreness in my arms, abs, and calves, but that was really the only place that REALLY hurt. It was interesting, once I GOT up, and walked a few steps I was fine.

Now granted, I looked like the stereotypical 90 year old getting to the point where I could stand up, which the daughter unit and husband unit made sure to giggle at each time I attempted to stand up. However, since that was really the only part that hurt, I take it as a TOTAL WIN!

Know why? I’ll tell you. Because it was my first race, I thought for sure I would be totally crippled up. Unable to do anything. I thought for sure my feet would be killing me ( even more so since I had to walk in brand new shoes I had only had for a couple of days ), my calves would be screaming, and that I would have both knees and ankles permanently iced.

See I didn’t foresee the worst happening did I? /rolls eyes.

So yes, I was sore, but they were only gentle reminders of the major accomplishment and landmark in my Get Healthy Project.

Then came Tuesday Afternoon.

Apparently cooties had decided that because I had worn myself out, they were going to take up residence in my sinuses.

I figured something like that would happen, but I didn’t think it would hit me very hard. Well I was wrong. Those cooties just made themselves a home and really knocked me on my rear. I stayed home from work yesterday, and just slept all day.

The good thing was I was able to rest a LOT and I got some major snuggle time with Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino. He is so cute. ( OH NO I’m not biased at all! ) He was extra lovie and snuggled in close to help keep me warm because I was chilled most of the day.


At one point when I had a major sneeze attack he actually jumped up, under the blankets mind you, and started barking at me. Yes, he ACTUALLY BARKED AT ME FROM UNDER THE COVERS!!!

SERIOUSLY DOG! Your going to protect me from myself? —– Apparently, that is EXACTLY what he was going to do.

Well, when he was done protecting me from myself, I grabbed the clicker and some treats and started practicing some of our tricks. Figured, it was low energy using, and I had just woken from a 3 hour nap, so if I had any energy, this was going to be it.

Last week we were starting to shape the doggies into learning how to lay down and cross their paws. Well I’m pleased to say that by the time I was done on Thursday last week, Wall-E knew that what I wanted him to do something with his paw, and I got him back to that point again yesterday.  He started to get frustrated, so we did some shakes,  jumps and head downs, you know easy things he already knew how to do.

And that ladies and gentlemen, has been my week so far. So exciting right?

Tonight is my last Tricks class for awhile. I’m really bummed out. I love this class and am really going to miss it and the trainer Mandy. She really is a wonderful person. Luckily I can still stalk her on Facebook! MUUUUAAHAHHHHHH!

So whatcha thinking?

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