My Weighty Story: My First “Race”!

So it is finally that time. That time where all my hard work and perseverance come and I prove to myself that every minute of it was worth it. I got a glimpse of it on Saturday when I laid an old tee shirt down and put a new tank on top of it.


SEE THE SIZE DIFFERENCE?! I know right?! I’m so excited!

Anyways, Race Day…. Hold on with me, it’s a long post.

Sunday, October 6, 2013, I was in my first race; an 8K through downtown San Jose called the San Jose Rock ‘ N Roll.

Saturday night:

7:30: Eat a healthy but long lasting energy dinner.

8:30: Back decides to act up and tummy not feeling good ( which usually happens when I get that pinched nerve in my back ). Well guess I’m sleeping on the couch with the heating pad.

9:00: Lightheaded, cold sweats, ohhhh …. Let’s just leave the descriptions there and say dinner didn’t stay down. However, I’m instantly feeling better.

9:30: Text from Mommy wishing me good luck. I tell her what’s going on, and she suggests it’s just nerves. She is probably right. Set my alarm for o’dark thirty and stay on the heating pad.

9:45: time for lights out.

Well then I proceeded to see every hour on the clock.  Little ascared of oversleeping? Yes, just a little bit.  Don’t you worry though what sleep I got didn’t fail me; including a dream whereby I was at mile 4.8 ( so so so close to finishing ) and I fall and break my ankle. I wasn’t very nice to the medics who wanted to help me, I told them they could follow me to the finish line, because I would just crawl there.

4:45 am: My alarm gleefully goes off to “Hall of Fame” by the Script and I lug my toosh into the shower.  By the time I’m out of the shower there are red-eyed, bushy, sleepy heads attempting to find the arm holes in their shirts to accompany me on this journey today.

5:45: This is me.

IMG_2981 Scared and excited, and grabbing my stuff to get into the car.  We  have to tell the kiddo that she can’t take a super heavy blanket and pillow to sleep in the car with, and while she accepts this, she does take one of the smaller fleece ones, crawls into the back of the mini, and attempts to get comfy for the ride over Hwy 17.

I hate Hwy 17, its all windy, mountainy, and make my tummy and head go all swimmy. ( Yes, I get car sick, sea sick, etc. )

Well we make it into San Jose without much traffic until we got off the highway. It took us 30 minutes to get from Hwy 87 to the HP Pavilion, oh I’m sorry, PAC Center. ( This is where the San Jose Sharks play for anyone who wants a point of reference. ) The whole time we are sitting in traffic, I’m envisioning the guy in front of us getting a parking spot, but then the guys saying, I’m sorry sir ( to the husband unit ), the lot is full, you will need to find somewhere else to park.

Oh no, I don’t start envisioning anything and everything that can go wrong do I? Oh no. Not me!

Anyways, we find a spot and at 7:00 AM ( yes that is in the morning, on a Sunday ), we are following the mass of crowds to the starting line. We find my corral, and set up shop.

I’m nervous, but as I look around, I realize that one reason I was so nervous was because I thought I would be the fat girl in a sea of skinny health freaks ( I qualify that because there are overweight people who are health freaks because they are on their own health journey ). I notice that feeling slowly disappearing the more and more people I see heading to their corrals. I was by no means the skinniest there (well DUH), but I wasn’t the biggest either. I took so much comfort in that. I know it sounds silly, but its the truth. Then I started stretching and starting to talk myself up for this. I knew I could do it, and I was starting to feel it too. Want Proof?!


There you go. I felt like I could conquer anything, well except I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the 1/2 marathon. I mean, I’m crazy, but not that crazy yet. 🙂

8:00-ish:  National Anthem plays, the first gun goes off, and the place just ROARS! ( Funny enough, at that time, Katy Perry’s ROAR was playing on my phone. )

8:10-ish: We start heading to the finish line, corral by corral. Just as I am leaving, I look over and see the Husband Unit and Daughter Unit look at me and I see nothing but how proud they are of me.

8:40: I cross the start line, set my gps tracker, and head on out.


At first I felt like I should be running. I mean, all the Half Marathoners were, and there were a lot of them in my corral. I resisted the urge because I didn’t want to burn it all at once. I knew I needed to make sure to pace myself and stay strong and true.

That I did. My GPS Tracker ( MotionX-GPS ) gave me updates every 10-15 minutes on how I was doing as far as distance, current speed, and average speed. I kept my feet moving to the beat of the music I had blasting in my ears to keep all the negative thoughts out ( Playlist listed at the end of this post. ), and just kept one foot going in front of the other.

The first mile came and went, and before I knew it my Tracker told me I was at the half way point, and …. I WAS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! When I had signed up for the San Jose Mini Marathon, I had signed up for a completion time of 2 1/2 hours. I went into today, hoping to finish in about 2 hours, with a half hour flex in case I just burned out at mile 5.  So when i reached the half way point, ahead of schedule, I sent the Husband Unit a text letting him know, so he could plan accordingly.

When I saw this sign, I couldn’t believe it.


If that “is all” a 5K was, then I’m going to ROCK THIS. At this point, I felt GREAT! A little thirsty, but other than that, I felt GREAT! I wasn’t tired really, my legs felt good, my feet felt good ( I was in new shoes, I hadn’t had a chance to break in because my old ones litterally fell apart on me on Thursday’s walk ), and I was keeping an average of 4 miles per hour.

Then I got to thinking, if I can keep up my 4 mph speed, then when I see that finish line, I’m going to cross that baby RUNNING!

So when I turned the last corner, I did exactly that. I took off running!


Of course, I was digging deep at this point, but damn it. I was doing it, and I wasn’t going to stop running till I hit that finish line.

Then…. my knee buckled. Yea, of course it did.

Tough CRAP!… the finish line is no more than 15 feet away, keep moving you stupid knee! I was NOT going to have to crawl across due to a blown knee 15 ft before the finish line. OH HELL NO! THAT dream was not coming true. Over my DEAD, SWEATY, WORN OUT BODY was that going to happen!


My finish time: 1 hour and 16 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screenshot from my Tracker. The current speed was because we were driving down the hwy when I took the screenshot.
Screenshot from my Tracker. The current speed was because we were driving down the hwy when I took the screenshot.

1:16:59 when I hit PAUSE. Average speed of 3.9 mph, Max Speed of 10 mph ( from when I ran to the finish ), and total distance of 5.05 miles.

So yes, I TOTALLY ROCKED the San Jose Rock N’ Roll Mini Marathon.  Not only that, but I CRUSHED my expected time by 1 hour and 15 minutes and my personal hope time by 45 minutes!

I seriously cannot express how proud I am of myself right now. This is such a major accomplishment and marks a major milestone in my GET HEALTHY PROJECT.

My used bib and finisher’s medal.
I know SOMEONE took a pic of me with my medal, after I finished, but I seriously cannot find the pic.

The next thing I’m doing is the Santa Cruz Run or Dye with the Husband and Daughter unit and a bunch of friends. That one is a 5K, and is going to be a BLAST!

* Music blasting negative comments from my brain:

No Boundaries ( Adam Lambert) ; ET ( Katy Perry); Live Like We’re Dying (Kris Allen); Don’t You Worry Child Swedish House Mafia ); Skeletons (Drehz); Hall of Fame ( Script ft. Will.I.Am); Here’s to Never Growing Up (Avril Lavigine); Cruise – Remix ( Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly ); Stay the Night ( Zedd ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore); Country Song ( Seether); Love Somebody ( Maroon 5 ); Dream On ( Aerosmith); My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark ( Fall Out Boy); Clarity ( Zedd ft. Foxes ); Roar ( Katy Perry); Thunder (Boys Like Girls); Dark Horse ( Katy Perry ft. Juicy J [ probably my second favorite song right now]) ; Waiting for Superman ( Daughtry [ BY FAR MY FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW]); All These Lives ( Daughtry); Thrift Shop ( Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ); Uprising ( James Durbin version); Use Somebody (Kings of Leon); and Living on a Prayer, It’s My Life, and Have a Nice Day ( all by Bon Jovi)

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