Wall-E Tails: My Precious!

Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino loves his toys.  We have a tree stump that originally looked like this….

And now looks like this.


There is NO Stuffing in that bad boy. NONE! IT has long been extracted in the middle of the night and strewn across our bed and in our sheets, and across living room floors.

It is by far his favorite toy. It has been in his possession since we got it at 10 weeks old. We have tried to throw it away many times, and even when we moved, he hunted it down in his old crate and whined and whined and barked and whined, and barked and whined, did I mention he whined, until we gave it back to him. We even tried to replace it with a similar one that was a bee hive filled with bees. That one is still in mostly one piece and we have had it for over a year. It just isn’t his tree stump.

However, as much as he loves that ratty, old, torn to shreds tree stump, there is one thing that he moves more.



Yes, socks. The stinkier the better. In fact, while he will take the husband unit and my socks any time, there is nothing better than my daughters socks. They are brightly colored, smaller and not so bulky as Mom and Dads, and well because she is a kid, I’m sorry, a teenager ( well not yet DARN IT! I still have till November before she is OFFICIALLY 13!!!!  /deep breath …. but I digress. ) that dances, well they are the stinky-est, and most wonderful things EVER! Well according to said Prince Wall-E.

He doesn’t EAT them. He just chews on them, wants to play tug with them, and oh yea… wants to hide / stash them.  That wouldn’t be so bad, if he did it quietly. Oh No. We can’t have that, now could we.


No instead, he takes a sock in his mouth, and then whines all throughout the house until he finds somewhere to hide it. Once he finds somewhere to hide it, he “digs” its hiding hole, stuffs it into place and then looks around. Only it doesn’t end there. Apparently, NO WHERE is safe enough for his PRECIOUS! ( And YES you must say that in the voice of Golum or Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings )

He then takes said sock out of said hiding place and starts all over.

This is a video of him back on July 10, 2012, when we lived at our old house in Pacific Grove. You may have to turn it up in order to hear the whining. (I’ve made the video public on Facebook, but please let me know if you have trouble viewing it. )


So as you can see, he has done this since he was a puppy.  It really hasn’t gotten any better either.

The thing is, he is really good at finding our daughters socks. We have closed off her bedroom door so he can’t go get them, we have picked them up and put them away, and that clever little cute Magnifico Puppino still finds them.  Occasionally, the daughter unit will come out and say, “MOM! DAD! I don’t have any socks!”  That’s when we go on a sock hunt and find them all over the house.

Why not buy more socks you ask? Well when the daughter unit is in possession of all her socks, its a full drawer. Sir Wall-E just slowly picks away at them, till there are none left for her to wear.


Well I hear him in there again whining trying to find somewhere to stuff a sock. /sigh

So whatcha thinking?

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