My Weighty Story: Browncoats, Ted, Cooties, and Weigh Day

It’s been an interesting week for me.

I re-watched a bunch of Firefly. Why? It’s a great show! Casting is off the charts, and the writers were so cleaver in bringing sci- fi to the “old west”. Whoever came up with the “Hero of Canton” song for Jayne of all people ( though its probably WHY it worked ), was a GENIUS! Not to mention the creator Joss Wheaton is also a genius. (look at what he’s been responsible for! ) However, this show was sadly ripped from the TV waves well before its time.  Plus, well it doesn’t hurt that … well ….

Ya… /SWOON! ( Ok I’ll get off my soap box now )

Plus I watched way too much TED Talks. (If you haven’t heard of it check it out here: ) I love the lectures. If you aren’t familiar with it, there are a lot of science and other lectures that are filmed and then posted online. I’ve watched everything from one about dinosaurs extension ( the Dinosaurs had a very bad day ), to the makers of a computer virus and how they can and do track the guys who make these things, and aquatic theory ( that little ol’ lady was a hoot to listen to). Very educational but not in a dry and deadpan way that we all remember from school. These guys are so passionate about what they are talking about, I have found very few that didn’t engage me in some way or another.

I was lazy. Ok Well to be fair… I was watching these because ……. well someone gave me cooties. Said cooties then infected my person and zapped every last ounce of energy I had in my poor body.

So basically I didn’t work out or much else for 4 days.

YES.. 4 days I did nothing but work, be the Momma Taxi and become a TV Zombie on either the couch or in bed.  The thing that sucked about these cooties was that while I didn’t have the flu or congestion, or anything else that tells you that cooties have taken up residence in your person, I had no energy, was sore for virtually no reason, including one very annoying charlyhorse in my right butt cheek (yes, feel free to laugh. I was. ), funky head, swimmy head, and just the over all feeling of being well… OFF!

As far as food goes this week, well, it really wasn’t all that great. Mainly because I wasn’t feeling good, I just ate what I wanted and that included a Butterfinger for breakfast. Yup. I admit it, I had a full blown candy bar for breakfast.  Plus, Wednesday was the Husband Unit’s birthday ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN HONEY! ). So of course there was cake, and let me tell you, between the 3 of us, we finished the thing off in 2 nights!

So see… food was not GOOD! I totally blew it this week. 150%!

So when I got on the scale today, because Friday’s are my weigh day, I was not surprised to see that I had gained this week. I think. My scale was being funky last week, so I averaged the high and low numbers. It said anything from 228.6 to 221.4, so I decided to say that my weight was 225.

What I did find surprising was that it was only 1.4 pounds ( taking the middle of the road number from last weeks weigh in as a starting point ).  Now considering how bad I was this week, I’ll take that 1.4 lbs and skip off gleefully into next week.

So now that I’m starting to feel better, what are my plans?

Well tomorrow, I get to go scrapbooking for the first time since May and spend the day with my Mommy and a few other friends. I’m really really looking forward to it. I don’t have much control over the food ( the consultant feeds us lunch, but is usually thoughtful of calories and health of the meal ), but it’s so worth it. Just be able to spend some time with friends, I’ll take it.

Because I know how bad I was this week plus the fact that I gained, I am going use that as motivation to really kick it into high gear this upcoming week. I will lose what I gained this week, and be well on my way to being fully ready for the San Jose Rock N Roll Mini Marathon in 2 weeks.

I know, I know. I can hear you saying… “But Kim… you posted last week that it was in 2 weeks!” Your right I did. In my total panic, and freakout mode, I apparently didn’t look at the calendar. It was actually on October 6th, 3 weeks from then, and 2 weeks from now.

I know… Blonde Moment.

Here is to having a fab week! Rock on Peoples. Rock On!

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