Wall-E Tails: Shaping how to be ashamed, or not.

If you have been reading previous Wall-E Tails, you know that Sir Wall-E Magnifico Puppino is well …. fully of little frights and quirks.

Once again, our “tail” starts at tricks class. That particular week, we were learning how to have our dog look shameful.

Yes, I know, seems silly, but hang with me for a minute. How cool would it be if on command we could have our doggy lay down and put his paws over his eyes! SO VERY COOL RIGHT! THAT is exactly why we were doing it.

Well in order to “shape” the doggies to do this we were going to place post it notes on their eyes or nose ( wherever we wanted them to place their paws ). The THEROY was that they wouldn’t like the feel of the post – it note on their face and they would bat it away. We would click and reward when they raised their paw to bat it off and over time start to add a cue to it.

Well of course Wall-E wouldn’t have a problem with this one right? He doesn’t like things touching him, making noise, etc. He would HATE to have these things on his face. This wouldn’t be a problem at all.

So our trainer gives us some post it notes, and we tear them into smaller pieces, because well Wall-E is a little dog, and place them on his eyebrows. …..



He just continued to lay there and watch me. To his credit, he did try to figure out what it was we wanted him to do. He offered sneezes, he offered sitting, he offered backing up, he offered jumping, he offered everything in his arsenal!

He would even do his head down all the way to the floor ( which by the way he usually only does half way in order to get his treat ) ….

photo[1] (3)

 Come on Wall-E!!!

We kept trying. I would flick at the post-it notes, move them more over his eyes, try to move his paw to try and move it, everything. To be honest, it probably didn’t help that I was laughing so hard.

Finally we decided to try larger portions of post it notes.  Maybe it just doesn’t bother him ENOUGH…

So that’s what we did. We tore the post it in half and placed one on each eye. AND WHAT DOES HE DO?

photo[1] (2)



He didn’t care that he couldn’t see ANYTHING! He just sat there and was a good dog. Not that I would normally complain about that, but I want to teach him how to “be ashamed”.

/big sigh We continued practicing all the way through class. Toward the end of class he was starting to get annoyed enough with the post-its that he was starting to bat them off. Well they had only been there for over half an hour!

Though I am practicing at home, he really has to “be in the mood” to work on this one, but I refuse to give up. Let’s face it… this one is cool!

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