Scared and Confident


Yup you read that right. Scared and Confident.

See in two weeks I walk my FIRST EVER “race”. The San Jose Rock N Roll Mini Marathon. It is not timed officially, but I will be timing it and I want to rock it.

I walk 3 miles a day up and down hills, but this race is flat-ish and about 5 miles. I’ll be fine, but I have expectations of myself and a requirement to finish it.

But….What if I don’t? What if everything I’ve done up to this point to get healthy isn’t enough to do 5 miles? What if I fall on my face? What if I am walking and break my ankle? ( Trust me when i say.. THIS very well could happen. ) What if I do get to the finish line, only to find out my family isn’t there to share in my accomplishment? What if one of NASA’s satellites come and crash down on the race track and they cancel the race?

Ya ok, so that won’t happen. (Right?)

You know why? Because I have been walking. I have been preparing. I will be ok. I will finish, even if I’m crawling on my hands and knees. Run like Channing Tatum and Johnny Depp are waiting at the finish for me right?

…. That is unless Kahn crashes a starship on the course.


2 thoughts on “Scared and Confident

  1. It’s always scary to think what if, but it’s those what if’s that WILL get you to the finish line; because afterall, what if Channing Tatum and Johnny Depp are at the finish line? lol… 🙂

    1. I would faint if they were at the finish line. Lets be serious here.. I mean… CHANNING… FLIPPING… TATUM and JOHNNY… OHHH EMMMM GHHEEEE
      … DEPP!

      Thanks for support. Your right… all those what ifs will help me get across

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