Wall-E Tails: Paper is Scary!

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Hi! It is me Wall-E.

Well usually Mommy writes these, but she said she feels really silly about posting this. Well really she says I’M BEING SILLY, but … I was SCARED!

I know Mommy has mentioned before that she takes me to go see Mandy at Zoom Room on Thursday nights to learn how to do tricks.

A couple weeks ago we went and Mandy gave her this big white thing with black scribbles on it.  I didn’t really notice it at first because I was more interested in what JollyMon, one of my classmates, was doing with his Mommy.

Mandy explained to our Mommy’s that there are studies that have shown that doggies like me, can read. Apparently while we can’t actually READ the words, we can differentiate the scribbles on the paper to determine what you would like us to do.

Mommy held up the paper and I figured out eventually that she wanted me to lay down. So I did.

Then Mommy got another one that she said had my name on it. This time though, she said that she wanted me to TOUCH the paper.

Um…. I dunno.

Walle 2

I checked it out.  Then, I touched it. Ya… it make this super scary noise. No WAY! I’m not touching that thing again. Nah… Uhhh… No way.

Mommy kept trying though.

Walle 3

I just looked at her like she was crazy. She is if she thinks I’m going to touch that thing again.

She tried holding the paper, she tried propping it up on her leg, she tried all kinds of ways to get me to touch that thing.

Walle 1

Maybe if I ignore it? Maybe then she will get the point.




Well that did finally work. She decided to give me a “break”. Only she doesn’t realize that I’m not going to have anything to do with it.

Cuz, ya know…. PAPER is SCARY!

So whatcha thinking?

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