Sometimes you just have to CHECK OUT!

I spent the weekend in my Pillow Fort. Yes you heard me, my Pillow Fort. Complete with blankets and stuffies ( aka stuffed animals).

(snagged from )
(snagged from )

After last week, I just needed it. So that’s what I did. I built my metaphorical pillow and blanket fort and just let the kid in me take over. I decided that the adult part of me needed to go on vacation (except when I had to be an adult). Luckily, I have friends who understand, and joined in on my weirdness. Below are my Facebook posts and conversations for the weekend.

Friday, September 6: (this was the night I decided it was time to just hang out in the pillow fort over the weekend)

Ok. So I’m done for the week.

Monday = sick family member;

Tuesday = Emotional over sick family member;

Wednesday = Cousin passed away;

Thursday = Feeling overwhelmed, sad, flood of emotions, no coping well…

Friday = Work / Client Drama and …. Drumroll please?!

The kid got locked out of the house. Her key wouldn’t work. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but Husband Unit and I work 50 minutes away from home… in separate directions…

Luckily my in laws were home ( who live only 10-15 minutes away ) and they came to her rescue.

So yea … I’m checked into my pillow fort for the weekend. If you need me, you can leave a message with Butler Sir Wall-E Magnifico Puppino. He will promptly forget said message because well he’s a dog and he won’t understand you to begin with.

Kim… OUT!

Saturday, September 7:  ( Morning )

Saturday= my phone sends 4 text messages, 8 WordPress updates, 2 emails, and 7 tweets to me at 6:02 am all from last night.


TEDDY BEAR …. Hold Fast!

Pooh Bear… Load the cannons….

Tigger … Prepare the archers from above!

—- Replies are as follows ( I’ve cut some of them  and edited some out ):

Andrea:  Make sure Owl is flying and doing surveillance, and Piglet is ready to protect!!

Me: Oh Good Point!!!  Owl… Get to it. Piglet here is your sword ( really it’s a toothpick ).

Kim ( the husband unit’s cousin ): … can I join you?

Me: Of course. Bring Extra pillow. We need to expand.

Kim: can I wear my footy pjs?

Me: DUH!!!

Saturday, September 7: ( later in the morning )

Warning! Piglet is a liar. He said the coast was clear. I popped out of the pillow fort to obtain rations and the place is crawling with enemy troops!

— Then my friend Linda decided to declare war on me mid afternoon –

Linda: Because I bribed him. I owe him some snacks for his work. My solders will now attack……

Me: ( Me): Good Luck… My Pillow Fort with blanket top is IMPENETRABLE!!!!! You shall NEVA get in!

Linda: Oh I will …. Cannon ball…..


Linda: Oh yeah I’m in with you now….watch it I brought the nail polish.

Me: NOOOO!!! Not the nail polish!!!!! GI JOES ATTACK!!!! Bring Grasshoppers and worms!!!!! /GI Joes throw Grasshoppers and pile worms all over Linda

Linda: Woody, buzz, Mr potato head save me… polish buhaha

Me: ANDY!!!!! /all of Linda’s toys fall to the ground and are rendered unusable for they are defenseless against the ANDY!

Linda: Andy is off with Christopher robins so your mine now….

Me: THAT is all you got? WEAK! WEAK! Your toys still fell to their doom! You are now covered in grasshoppers and worms.

Linda: Oh no I have all my WWE guys now body slamming all your puny little guys. And behind them are all my pokimon being unleashed…pekachu attack….

Me: I am not worried about them… I have my Avatar: The Last Airbender action figures, no one is match for my Aang!

Linda: But your action figures are from the movie and my aang is from the cartoon so I win.

Me: Nope… I have the cartoon AANG!

Me: DAMN! We are at a stalemate

Linda: And I have a uncle si bobble head and once he starte talking all your guys just stop and stare at him and I break into that fort

Me: Doesn’t work… my guys train with HYPNOTOAD!

Me: Seriously… stop… don’t me bring out the Chucky Doll

Linda: Oh breaking into that stash…I will hurt chucky with Freddy and Jason dolls

Me: LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! I don’t wanna play with you no mo if you bring Freddy and Jason. You can stay if you don’t turn me pink. Cookie? I just baked them

Linda: Hehe yes you do cause now I’m in your fort…and tickling you so your laughing

Linda: Hmmm good cookie

Saturday, September 7: ( evening )

The pillow fort is still standing. I have two new residents. One cannonballs in while the other hobbled.
Due to Piglets attempt to get me killed earlier today he has been imprisoned. I’ve sent the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out to keep watch for enemy troops. Let’s just hope there are no pizza joints beyond the grounds. If so, then I’m doomed and never leaving the comfort of the fort.


My Mommy: Judging by your post today, you need more than a pillow fort — you need a room with padded walls! ( by the way that got more likes than I care to admit. )

Me: Hubby unit asked me if because the kid was gone for the weekend if I was smoking crack. Remind me to send the Thundercats after him. Wonder if He-Man is back from his mission. I still have the Transformers available for use.

Sunday, September 8: (morning)

It’s 7:50 am and we have survived the night. The Turtles came back and said today should be ok, but they are gonna keep vigilant. I’ve sent Owl out for air patrol, Pooh has the cannons ready to fire, and Tigger has refilled the archers supply. It is gonna be ok today.


Marianne: Yep… lots of arrowses…. Is on patrol 😉

Kim ( the husband unit’s cousin ):  wake me when September ends.

Marianne: ok making mental note… wake kim’s friend kim with a water balloon at 1201 am on Oct 1st. 😉

Kim: you better run like hell after. lol

Marianne::  ahhh i’ll have a designated lobber since I don’t live by you.. I’ll just pray they take a video and send to me 😉

Marianne::  hhmmm [my husband Unit], would you help me with a problem…? KR needs this water balloon special delivery………

Me: Well Marianne, See THAT Kim is about half way between the both of us. Would take us about the same amount of time to get there.

Marianne::  hhmmmmm drats…. we’ll send Kanga and Roo on this mission since they’re the fastest then!

Me:  Gotcha. I’ll get them stock piling the water balloons… that is after the fog burns off this morning.

Marianne::  no no, stock pile them under cover of the fog so she won’t know how many we has!!! is all abouts the strategeees!

Konrad:  oh bother chillin with eeyore watching all you funny people fighting #cantweallgetalong?

Me:  Marianne: Except she has access to the fort. She is hanging out in her footie PJs. Oh and the fog will be gone in about 10 minutes anyways.

Me:  Konrad: Don’t forget Snagaluffagus ( oh I totally butcher’d the spelling )

Marianne:: fighting? who’s fighting? I’m just helping Kim wake up on time when Sept ends!??

Konrad: when september ends is a good song and snuffy isnt real hes just a charachter in big birds head

Monday, September 9: (morning)

Well I am coming out of the pillow fort for the week due to adult responsibilities. Piglet is free from not telling me the place was swarming from enemy troops when I went out for rations on Saturday.
Other than that episode the weekend in the pillow fort went well. No one else passed away ( to my knowledge ) and the only thing left to deal with from last week are emotions and dealing with the volcano that blew up on Friday at work.
So here is to what I hope to be a boring week! — feeling hopeful.


So I’ve obviously made it to Monday morning. Hopefully now that you’ve read this, you aren’t calling the nice men to have me hug myself all day and give me happy pills. I also hope this brought a smile to your face at some point.

Here is to a better week, and knowing that sometimes, just being a kid for a weekend, does your mind a wonder of good.  A Mental Health Weekend as it were.

This week will be full of getting on a strict track for my Get Healthy Project, writing, Wall-E Tails, and remembering that friends are gems.

** Note: I’ve had this written and ready to post since Monday, however, Monday and Tuesday were a bit INSAINE at work and I was just too EXHAUSTED to get them posted. So it’s now Wednesday morning and I’m posting it before I start my day here at work. Also, those who are waiting on some Wall-E Tails, I have some to tell. Trust me, he isn’t leaving me speechless. I will get a couple of them posted this week. PROMISES! Seriously! I PINKY SWEAR!

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