My Weighty Story: Will Power. Where did you go?

So I’ve been killing it. I still do my walks every day, I’m making “Healthier” choices ( more on that later ), so why have I lost all my will power?

This weekend was SUPER DUPER bad because it was Double XP in EverQuest 2, and well I decided to power level a new warlock. ( 7 hours on Sunday and 6 hours on Monday = lvl 85 ) So I totally rocked it but because it was double xp, I didn’t really leave the computer as much as I should have.

All my reasons for getting healthy are still there. I still see that fat girl in the mirror. I obviously still get the comments in stores. I still have my husband and daughter to keep my focused on living a long healthy life.

So why has my will power gone on vacation? HELLO! I need you back its Monday, and I’m STRUGGLING!

Honestly, during the week I’m usually spot on-ish. I stay away from fast food, I do my walks, I do little strength training stuffs here in the office between jobs, and I eat what I bring from home for lunches.

Why on the weekends do I find it so hard to eat… and eat right at that. I noticed that over the weekends I tend to not eat meals, but to snack through the day. What makes it worse is the fact that those snacks are low salt pretzels, Red Vines ( I really should just those away ), Skinny Cow ice cream bars, etc.

See they are not HORRIBLE things if I remember my own MODERATION rule. They aren’t off limits, but during the weekend, those are the type of things I eat during the day and then I eat a decent, totally acceptable dinner.

I don’t know what my issue is. This is stupid. I think my will power just decides to take a break when I need it most… the Weekends.

Will Power please come back!

WP: Nope, I’m enjoying all these Skinny Cow Salted Carmel Pretzel ice cream bars.

Me: That’s great but only one after dinner.

WP: NaH! They are “good for you”.

Me: Sure if I only eat one.

WP: They are only 160 calories!

Me: But on a 1,000 a day diet, that’s a huge chunk!

WP: But its HOT!

Me: yea

WP: /waives ice cream bar in front of face baitingly

Me: I’ve already had one today. I can’t have anymore.

WP: But its HOT and ohhhh so yummy…..

Me: FINE!!!!!! What’s another one, or two…… or three.




HELP! I’m swimming in my own pit fall!

2 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: Will Power. Where did you go?

  1. Hey! I recommend trying to snack on protein snacks instead of carbs. That way you’ll won’t feel hungry and resist the temptation to indulge in a heavy craving spree. Hope that helps.

    1. During the week I do! I’m soooo good about it. Apples, Peanut Butter, nuts, etc. That’s what frustrates me. On the weekends I can’t seem to follow my rules for the week. It drives me BONKERS!

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