Today is not so much a Wall–E Tail, but more of Mom (me) being a geek for him.

Wall-E Sniff

Last night was Tricks Class and I had some time to kill between the time I got off work and my dinner date with a friend, so off to PetCo I went just to look around at toys and stuff, ’cause well that’s way fun and Wall-E gets to sniff all kinds of stuff!

I wander the isles and then I stop short in front of this display. That geek holding a leash with a 14lb Jack Russell mix starts to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE like a kid at Christmas. Yes, I actually SQUEEEEE’d in the store. So much so that one of the managers came over to make sure I wasn’t having a fit or something. Well I was, but it was a total JOYGAZIM! Trust me, I think it was Christmas in August as I stood there in front of this display of STAR WARS items that Wall-E NEEDS to have! I look at the shirts, the dog toys and trying to decide on getting him the Stormtrooper tug toy or the Boba Fett tug toy ( I decided on the Stormtrooper and this shirt )….


‘Cause ya know… The CUTE is strong with this one!

Anyways, so as I continue looking at the leashes ( which were too big for little cuteness ) and the collars, etc., I look up at the top of the display, and ….. Well, you know those moments when it’s like the spotlight shines down on what your looking at and you can hear joyful music playing….. Yea it was one of those moments.






I see this….

Vader Bed

          A DARTH VADER DOG BED!!!!!!

  Yes… A DARTH VADER DOG BED! Now, those of you who know us from our gaming world, you know that my husbands Necromancer’s name is Darthdeath. Thus you can see the NEED for this in our home or at least as a bed for said Wall-E Magnifico Puppino to bask upon his minions ( namely us ) in the car.

Again, I think the Manager thought I was going to pass out from being so excited over such geeky things, and he probably had his hand ready to hit the speed dial for the police in case I totally went nuts. Ya, fine ok, it wasn’t THAT bad, but inside I felt like it!

I frantically look for a price. Already thinking… I’ll pay 30 bucks for that, HECK it’s so awesome I’ll spend WAY more than I should for it and pay $40!!! ‘Cause it’s GEEK and for WALL-E!!!!!


Alas, there was no price to be found on it or the Yoda one ( yes they have a Yoda one also ) so I turn to the manager and ask as calmly as I could if he would find out how much it was.

I wait as patiently as I can and when he comes back. He tells me that it’s $50. ….$50…. DARN YOU GEORGE LUCAS!!!!

I can’t just drop $50 on it… yet. Oh, maybe if I show it to the Husband Unit, he will love it so much that he will let me. I text him give him all the information, send him a picture ( from online because said manager wouldn’t let me take a picture in the store. Yea I don’t know why either. Stupid in my opinion, but whatever. ), and wait.

Nothing. He isn’t answering me. FINE! I need to get to my dinner date and if he wants it, I can swing back through and get it on my way home.

He answers me and of course he loves it, but even he can’t justify the $50 SMACKERS to pay for it. I even tried to con him into saying it would be his birthday present!!!     Alas, my use of the force didn’t work.  Oh that’s right it only works on the weak minded.

/HULK SAD ( ya… in a Sheldon from BBT voice )

Well, I’ll just keep checking in to see if they come down in price and see just how low it can go. They are new items, but that’s just too much for a doggy bed like this.

/LE SIGH!    Time to learn how to be patient or something.

So whatcha thinking?

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