Dear Mr. Bootcamp Instructor

I found this article written by I’m NOT just a fat girl.
I think anyone who has ever been overweight and gone to a gym, to a class of any kind, feels just as she does. I LOVE her honesty. It brings validation to know that others just like me, feel the same way.

I am NOT just a fat girl

As a big girl it’s sometimes hard to come to your class.  Knowing each time more times than not I am the biggest girl there.   Many people will feel that because I am big that one should not praise me for *I* am why I am big.  While, they may not know my story this is not about praising me for being big but noticing me for trying my best.

Yes, I will stop a lot.  It hurts to run.  Sometimes, I want to give up. 

I see you at each class helping to push the other girls, cracking jokes, telling them to give you more and then pass by me as if I am not there.  Your partner is no better.  While, you are far more sympathetic at times throwing a “good job” here and there and can at least say my name I can’t say the same for…

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