Me? Blog? Who has that much to write about?!

When my Aunti Vicki ( That is Victoria Bylin, who is an author, yes I know shameless plug, but she’s awesome ) mentioned updating her blog and unsure whether to go the personal route or the professional route, I thought, who has enough ideas to keep up a blog? Then of course my creativity got a spark of energy, and my mind went WILD! Over the next few days, I kept a list of things that I could discuss and tell stories about. Then what happens, I end up with quite a long list of different things.

I scanned the list. There were stories about my daughter, Wall-E ( my doggie ), my husband, geeky things, gaming things, my Dad, my Mom, writing, my GET HEALTHY PROJECT, and all those things that I usually flood my Facebook about. Lots of those things could be wrapped up into nice little blogs.

The “PLAN” is to post something at least every week, and more if the story or facts determine. It will cover a little bit of everything. Nothing will be untouched ( with the exception of religion and politics, the two things I usually shy away from talking about in public ).  I will also have a tab / section for “Wall-E Tails” which will include stories, pictures, etc. of Wall-E’s adventures.

So join me at! Come on… you know you want to!

So whatcha thinking?

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