Wall-E Tails: Mini Adventure

Mom PROMISED adventures were coming, but we didn’t really go anywhere this weekend. Mom PROMISED we would go to a different beach this weekend so she could do some research for her current book, but we didn’t go.

I don’t blame her. My human sister had her friends over and so Mom was gallivanting all over the place for her. At one point they had taken over my play area in the middle of the living room and looked liked turtles that were stuck on their backs.



Mom says they were bowling on the Wii and decided to play it upside down, but I think they were pretending to be stranded turtles.

The weekend wasn’t without fun though. Grandma-ma came over with my cousins and Mom took us for a walk.  I love when Huckleberry and Penelope come and visit! It’s so much fun!

Mom looked really funny trying to walk all of us. We kept weaving in and out of each other  that the leashes that kept her close to us kept getting tangled around her. You can see it a little bit at the bottom of this picture, and that was AFTER we tried to trip her up. She’s smart though, she figured out how to get untangled.


Penelope and I wanted to go go go, but Huckleberry being a Beagle (Mom says he has some other hound in him) had to stop and smell all the smelly smells. I tried to tell him that they were not anything interesting. Those smells are always there, but he didn’t believe me. He insisted on stopping, which made Penelope and I have to stop, which made our adventure take much longer. Mom told me not to worry about it, Huckleberry was just doing what Huckleberry does, and at least we were outside, AND I was spending time with my cousins. Just because she is right, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be a bit miffed right?

/huff. Yes, Mom. I’ll stop whining.

Yes Mom, I do stop you from walking because of all the smelly smells.

Ok. MOM! I get it.



Anyways, it was still fun because I got to play. It wasn’t the adventure I was hoping for, but at least it was an adventure of some sort right?


~ Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino

Paw Heart

Chloe’s Ghost revisited

Chloe’s Ghost revisited

If you follow my Facebook page, you may remember me mentioning that I had been putting off writing the rough draft of Book 3 of The Five Angels trilogy because I don’t want the story to end. I’m so in love with it that I was putting it off. Well I got over that and have been plugging away at it. However, I’ve hit a bit of a road block and my brain is trying to figure out how to work Megan out of her funk. She’s had a MAJOR hissy fit and pouting session (for an understandable reason), and I’m having trouble trying to get her back going again. So right now she is just moping around the castle and mouthing off to anyone and everyone who gets in her way, including CJ.

SOOOO. Since am stuck, I decided to look back at Chloe’s Ghost. You may remember that a few chapters were posted here quite awhile ago as a short story, and then it had begun to take on a life of it’s own. That was great, but then things happened and it got put on the back burner.

Now I’ve read through it, tweaked it some more, and now … I’m waking up in the middle of the night making notes to myself about what I am dreaming she is doing, who she is meeting, and what she is going through. It’s invigorating.

An outline is coming together nicely and now I’m finding myself trying to come up with names for these “people” she is meeting.

Poor Chloe. She is going to have such a different life from what she had before the accident.

Out of Body Expierence

Confession time regarding writing Chloe’s Ghost.

Is it wrong that I’m finding myself tipping my head back and laughing wickedly at how much I’m messing up her life? Seriously, I’m starting to wonder what’s wrong with me. Here was this girl with the perfect life, and I am going to just turn it upside down and push her into a very dark world full of all kinds of nasty things.

Does anyone else ever start to feel sorry for a character they are writing?


Wall-E Tails: Adventures are Coming!

Wall-E Tails: Adventures are Coming!

Mom said that we will start going on adventures again.



See she hasn’t been feeling well, and I tried to help her feel better, but while my cuteness does cure many ales, it did not cure the bugs that were floating under her skin. So I did the next best thing, I was her sleeping partner.

Granted, we had a week long adventure down at the beach, which was lots of fun. Did you see the pictures Mom posted? I know there are a lot of boring ones there, but you will see my awesomeness if you are patient. I even dug half way to China (wherever that was).

What? You didn’t see those pictures? Ok, fine. I’ll post the important ones again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways, now that Mommy is feeling better, and Daddy is home more, Mom says we will start going on new adventures again.

She got a new app on her phone called WoofTrax. She said that when we go on our new adventures she will push a button and this company will send money to the shelter we picked to help all the doggies (and those pesky felines too I suppose) find new homes. (Mom says you can get the app on any smartphone and can get more information at http://www.wooftrax.com/.)

After all, it is a Prince’s duty to provide for his kingdom, is it not?

Next week I should be able to tell you of a NEW adventure. I’m so excited!

~ Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino

Paw Heart

PS: Congrats to my friend Murphy and his Mom Jamie at their first rally event last weekend. Our trainer Mandy was there with them and I really wanted to go and cheer them on, but Mom had other obligations she said.

Murphy Rally



Our week at Capitola Beach

Our week at Capitola Beach

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, then you know that we live less than a mile to the beach and try to spend as much time there as possible. Well last week, the husband unit’s out of town family came and were staying at some cottages that are right on the beach.

The weather was wonderful and we really couldn’t have asked for better. The week before we had been hitting 100 degrees during the day (and trust us, that is super rare) and last week the weather stayed a perfect 60-85 the whole time. The fog even stayed off shore or burned off quickly enough most days.

Since I’m not feeling well (the husband unit and I are fighting off a really bad cold.) I’m going to be keeping this super short today and therefore, as Wall-E promised, here are pics of our week at the beach.

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Wall-E Tails: Scary Saturday night

Wall-E Tails: Scary Saturday night

So Daddy’s family was down for the week last week, as Mommy mentioned in a previous post, and we spent a LOT of time at the beach. It was so much fun!.

I got to dig in the sand…


I got lovies….

I got to lay in the sun…

IMG_1812 IMG_1750

Then… Saturday night happened.

Everything was going fine on Saturday. My human sister was playing with her friends, I was getting all the lovies I rightfully deserve, then… after it got dark and we had dinner, Mommy locked me in a bedroom.

I know. HOW DARE SHE! She locked me … in the bedroom.


I know. It was horrible, but it got worse.

Then there were all these REALLY REALLY loud booms and bright lights filling the sky. Here. Look at the short video Mommy took.

That was only a few minutes of it and it went on for EVER!!!!

Mom, 25 minutes is forever in Wall-E Time! Geesh. Mom’s they can be such a pain.

It was really scary.

Mom says I was a good boy during it though. I barked at them to try to scare them away, but it didn’t work. Once I was in their arms, I felt safe, so it was easy to be a good boy.

Mom wants me to let you know that she will post pics of the fun week we had later in the week.

Until then. Lots of Licks.

~Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino

Paw Heart






Well this week has gone up in smoke. I’m truly sorry for that.

I posted the 777 Challenge on Monday, but I’ve blown my posts this week. I’m  just going to call this week a wash and hopefully next week I’ll be able to bring the normal back (whatever that is).

So what happened?

Well some of the husband units family has rented out one of the Capitola Venetian Cottages (which are right on the Capitola Beach) for the week so we have spent the week down on the beach after work.

Well except for yesterday. Apparently something I ate on Tuesday night did NOT agree with me. The husband unit won MAJOR brownie points at about 4:30 in the morning. That’s all I’ll say about that. Just trust me when I say it wasn’t pretty.

We will be there again tonight and tomorrow and most of the day on Saturday. Gotta spend time with the family when we can right?

Just wanted to let you know it isn’t that I forgot about you, it’s just that I’m beach bumming it this week.


Oh and if anyone knows of a writing group that I could join, I’d love some information on it.

Have a wonderful week everyone and I’ll see you on Monday!

7-7-7 Challenge

7-7-7 Challenge

Mr. Arran Bhansal, who I’m sure you’ve seen me mention on my blog before, nominated me for the 7-7-7 challenge. He has been a huge supporter of mine and I cherish his blog and his comments.

So the rules for the 7-7-7 Challenge is for the nominated author to go to page seven of their current work in progress (WIP), scroll down to the seventh line of their manuscript, and then share the next seven lines of text with everyone.

Well here is where I’m going to bend the rules, JUST SLIGHTLY, considering the fact my current WIP is Book 3 of The Five Angels Trilogy. If I were to use page 7, 7th line, and the next 7 lines, then I would be discussing a MAJOR spoiler for the end of Book 2. Yea… no, I want this trilogy published and I’m not giving that away. No way. No how.

SO… I’m going to do the challenge from Book 1 of the trilogy. Page 7 of The Five Angels, line 7, and the following 7 lines of text.

I just stood there gapping like a fish. Where were the words I have yearned to say for so long?

He pulled away from me, dropping his hands from my waist. He looked hurt. He was completely misinterpreting what I was feeling, and how I was reacting to what he had just said.

“Cory James Mathewson.” I finally said sternly taking his hands in mine. He looked at me questioning the tone of my voice.  This time I’m the one who took a deep breath, and said, “You don’t know how long I have waited to hear you say that.”

Yup, as you can see it is Megan professing her mutual love for CJ. I’ve obviously made no secret of that if you have been following my blog for any length of time, or if you have looked THE FIVE ANGELS page.

I nominate the following authors to also participate in this 7-7-7 Challenge. I understand that due to contractual reasons, they may not be able to participate in this challenge, but I would love to see what they are currently working on.

Jodie Llewellyn — http://jodiellewellyn.wordpress.com/

Kate Murray — http://kate0murray.wordpress.com/

Of Course I would nominate Ms. Mishka Jenkins ( https://awriterslifeformeblog.wordpress.com/), but Arran got to her first. /grumble grumble grumble.

Christina Rozelle — http://christinalrozelle.com/  or http://clrozelle.wordpress.com/ (Somehow I was only “following” one of her blogs. Well that has now been corrected!


Well Happy Monday everyone!